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Valve disease can progress without symptoms and a murmur may be the only indication of a problem. If you have been told you have a murmur by your pediatrician or family physician, ask your physician if you should visit the St. Francis Heart Valve Center for further evaluation. Murmurs are the noise made by heart valve abnormalities. They can be benign, but often, the only way to know is by having an echocardiogram. All St. Francis Heart Valve Center cardiologists are trained in echocardiography.

People sometimes recall being told they have a murmur, but it has not been followed over time. In order to ensure that there has not been progression, examination by a valve specialist and possibly echocardiography may be needed.

Heart valve abnormalities can also be hereditary. Congenital changes in valves can cause them to leak or calcify, yet not be detected until adulthood. If you have been diagnosed with a heart valve condition, it may be appropriate for your family members to be evaluated as well.