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Minimally Invasive Heart Valve Surgery

Franciscan St. Francis Heart Valve Center offers minimally invasive heart valve surgery to selected patients. Minimally invasive heart valve surgery replaces or repairs heart valves using smaller incisions. This results in less pain for the patient, a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery time. Patients who require additional cardiac procedures, including, coronary artery bypass surgery, elderly patients, patients with very diseased arteries and patients with a very weakly contracting heart will not be suitable for this approach. 

  • Aortic valve replacement incisions are performed through an upper mini-sternotomy, in which an incision is made from the sternal notch to the third intercostal space.
  • Mitral valve replacement/repair incisions are performed through a lower mini-sternotomy, in which a 6-8 cm incision is made at the lower end of the sternum upward to the second intercostal space and extending into the interspace on the right.

Ask the surgeon if this is an option for you.