Contour 3Dâ„¢ Technology

Repairing a Damaged Heart

If your physician has told you that you need heart surgery, you are not alone. According to the American Heart Association, one in three Americans have some form of heart disease. Advances in open heart surgery continue to improve outcomes for patients with weak or damaged hearts and more recently, new devices are helping physicians repair heart valves. At Franciscan St. Francis Health our surgeons are renowned for treating the most complex cases, using the latest devices and participating in cutting-edge research.

St. Francis Health surgeon, Marc Gerdisch, M.D., performed the first surgery in the United States  using the new Contour 3D™ Ring to treat tricuspid valve disease.
The development of the ring was the result of collaboration with a number of physicians. Dr. Gerdisch was part of the collaborative process assessing the clinical application for this innovative device.  Dr. Gerdisch is an independent physician, who chooses to practice at Franciscan St. Francis Health.

What is the tricuspid 3D technology?
The tricuspid three dimensional (3D) ring is part of the next generation of devices designed to restore normal valve function by remodeling the natural valve’s shape and size and ensure that valve leaflets open and close effectively while preventing regurgitation. It is the only remodeling ring that matches the shape of a healthy tricuspid valve, as assessed by computed tomography (CT) images from normal tricuspid valves.

What is the advantage of using the tricuspid 3D technology?
The new Contour 3D™ ring offers surgeons the ability to use a three-dimensional remodeling tricuspid ring with a true anatomical profile to minimize stress of the valve leaflets and optimize valve performance. St. Francis surgeons are able to select the size and shape of the ring to suit the patient’s anatomy around the valve, ideally leading to less stress on the valve and resulting in better outcomes.

What is the tricuspid 3D device made of? 
Dr. Gerdisch used the device after it was cleared by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2010. The device is safe and effective for use in reconstruction and/or remodeling of tricuspid valves. The ring consists of a titanium core encapsulated with silicone and covered with polyester fabric. The titanium core enable radiographic visualization of the device.

Dr. Marc Gerdisch talks about the benefits of 3-D heart valve technology during surgery at Franciscan St. Francis Health. View the video to see why patients travel from far and wide to experience the future of innovate heart care.
Patients with heart valve disease receive comprehensive, streamline care in a single location at Franciscan St. Francis Health. The St. Francis Heart Valve Center offers patient evaluations by an experienced and dedicated team of cardiothoracic surgeons and cardiologists who are world renowned valve experts — along with an individualized care plan — in a single appointment. View the video to learn more about our valve team and center.
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Franciscan St. Francis Health successfully pioneered surgeries to repair and remodel heart structures. In 2007, Dr. Gerdisch was first in the world to apply the bio-scaffold patch inside the heart, repairing a congenital defect. In 2008, he was first in the world to use the innovative technology in patients with damaged heart valves.