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Marc Gerdisch, M.D., has successfully performed the first-ever surgeries to repair or remodel internal heart structures, such as valves, using a unique bio-scaffold that enables patients to naturally re-grow their own cardiovascular tissue. Known as the Extracellular Matrix, this remarkable bio-material has been used by Dr. Gerdisch to augment and repair the heart and its valves in place of traditional synthetic materials.

The new treatment protocol offers significant healing advantages and quality of life benefits to patients after surgery because the successful implantation of the ECM eliminates the need for artificial heart valve replacements.

For additional information or an interview with Dr. Gerdisch, or representatives from St. Francis, please contact, St. Francis Media Relations Manager, or call (317) 528-7986 office; (317) 946-9930 cell; or (317) 906-0079 pager. 

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Dr. Gerdisch is an independent physician, who chooses to practice at Franciscan St. Francis Health.