The Heart Valve Center

The Franciscan St. Francis Heart Valve Center provides comprehensive medical and surgical treatment options for heart valve disease all in a caring environment designed to deliver the most advanced cardiovascular care.  Our experienced physicians have focused their careers on the diagnosis and treatment of heart valve disease and can offer patients with complex heart conditions new hope that is not available at most hospitals.

Dedicated to your individualized care
The Franciscan St. Francis Heart Valve Center is the first and only center in Indiana dedicated to heart valve disease. All of your needs – from diagnosis to treatment and recovery – are met in one location. Our heart valve specialists have focused their careers on advancing the treatment of heart valve disease. This includes participation in the very latest clinical trials and research.

The Valve Center’s collaborative medical team provides you optimal care, including:

  • Complete medical evaluation
  • State-of-the-art diagnostics
  • Valve disease education
  • Personalized care plan
  • Timely updates to your primary care physician
  • If necessary, valve surgery at Franciscan St. Francis Heart Center

Call 1-877-78-VALVE (82583) to schedule an evaluation with our world-renowned leaders at the Franciscan St. Francis Heart Valve Center.